Inner Reset Through Qi Gong

You’ve been asking me ... Mike,

how can I feel at peace within my own skin?

How can I feel centered within myself?

In today’s busy life. I’m being pulled in a million different directions & have very little time and energy. I feel drained. My mind is constantly racing. I’m onto the 5th thought before completing the first.

I can’t stop thinking, analyzing, planning, worrying.

Sometimes I think myself into being awake in the middle of the night when I need to be sleeping. Other times, I’m so exhausted by my brain monkeying around that I get tired when I need to be awake.

I am not totally HERE or THERE, not deliciously sleepy or vitally awake - but in some gray land in between, somewhat listless. I am not ALIVE, and since I am talking to you, I am sure you can tell, I’m definitely not dead either - but somewhere in between.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I am unhappy. But I am not really happy either, not in that full-body YES happy!

Tell me, Mike, is there a way out of this “in-between”? (a way forward, of course, you read me).

Oh, and my body, it is never at ease….. Jeez! My stomach doesn’t feel entirely settled. And if it is not my shoulders hurting, it is my neck or my lower back. I can’t stop feeling dis-ease. It is not entirely bad. If I suck it up and take the occasional pain killer, it goes away. But it is not good either, you know what I mean?

Can I feel AT PEACE? Can I feel AT EASE? Can I feel GOOD? In my body, in my thoughts, and in my emotions. In my entire being. For no reason? Just coz…. you know, I'm ACTUALLY ALIVE!

Does that sound familiar?

That was me 11 years ago!

Scrap that, I actually, had to feel REALLY BAD before I woke up and decided to do something radical.


As in, not cover it up with the innocent nightcaps, drunk nights with the boys, aimless zoning out in front of the TV, and counting the days till the next vacation.

It had to get so bad that I had no choice but to actually fix it.

And in the process, I ended up diving into the 5000-year-old ancient Eastern art of flowing energy - qi-gong -, learning from masters around the world and working deeply with 4 different Qigong healing lineages and transforming my health, vitality, and wellbeing.

My journey was so profound that right when I was being offered a raise, I decided to leave my highly lucrative job in aerospace engineering and be here with you…. right this moment… helping you connect with your aliveness and your joy.

But this is not about me, it is about you.

And I have a feeling you are a little (hopefully a lot) wiser than I was then.

And this feeling, this hunch, is not because I am psychic (although I am, just a little). It is because YOU ARE HERE.

You are not waiting for all hell to break loose before you fix it. Or worse, thinking that if it is not so bad now, it will stay “not so bad”. This is coz you can see that if it is on a slight downward trajectory… over time, the little discomfort will become much much worse unless you do something fundamental to adjust course.

If that is you, and you are still wondering… can I feel GOOD? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

The slightly longer answer is: and it can begin with you taking 10 minutes a day.

You are thinking, 10 minutes only? 10 minutes sounds like a really small time commitment. Please keep that in mind when an incessant thought takes over: “I don’t have time”.

Because I need you to work with me here. This will work ONLY if you actually put in those 10 minutes for 10 weeks with me.

I’m so glad we got to know each other (a little).

Let’s get to the fun part where I tell you what this is all about and you get to decide for yourself if this is for you.

Inner Reset through Qi Gong is a 10-week beginner Qigong program designed for busy professionals just like you. Upon completing the program, you will:

  • Learn the art of Qigong breathing and how to use it to switch yourself into states of calm, clarity, and expansion (even when you are literally in the middle of stressful situations).

  • Start opening up those lungs and increasing your capacity to take in oxygen and release CO2 (which is the highest contributor to long life, more than the food you eat and your genetics), and on a deeper level, release emotional tension stuck in the neck, shoulders, and chest.

  • Get a taste of being in states of calm meditation and concentration, strengthening your ability to direct your will and intention. With this skill, you will have magnetic power, attracting quality people and opportunities into your life.

  • Connect with soft and full movement and learn how to clear the mind of stuck energy and looping thoughts. When you do, you will feel you just dropped more than half the weight you lug around you every day.

  • Open blocked energy gates and unlock the kind of flow that revitalizes your body and recharges and regulates your energy. Watch how your personal and professional life will open up to you when you get that bounce to your step and unexplainable and contagious inner joy.

  • With increased energy, clarity, and emotional steadiness, you will make better decisions, improve your performance and results, and put in less effort and no stress. You will build a better professional life while improving your health and the quality of your personal life.

If you are a busy professional who is committed to taking small and consistent steps towards radically improving how you feel and respond, then this course is for you!

  • If you have little or no experience with Qigong or have tried it here and there without being consistent and methodical about it.

  • If you really desire to radically improve how you feel, how you react, and the decisions you make when faced with unpleasant, surprising, and/or difficult situations/people.

  • If you are busy and need tools and practices that you can do in less than 15 minutes and are committed to setting aside 10 minutes a day, every day consistently for 10 weeks to experience significant improvement.

  • If you are tired of getting surface-level, shallow, or haphazard teachings and crave to get access to the deep foundational knowledge, the knowledge that:

  • Has the power to shift you into new and improved physical, emotional and mental states.
  • Can give you a solid base and allow you to take this into mastery if you so wish.

Then you’ve come to the right place and this course is perfect for you!


What is Qi Gong?

Qi means subtle breath or vital energy. Gong means refined skill or skill cultivated through steady practice. Together Qi Gong means the refined skill of managing subtle breath (or vital energy) through steady practice.

It is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental, emotional, and physical health by integrating:






Qi Gong - The Birthplace of Personal Physical & Spiritual Mastery

Our modern-day personal spirituality and development have their roots in the 5000-year-old tradition of Qi Gong. Its masters brought to the world the idea that attaining enlightenment is primarily a personal journey of self-discovery and self-mastery rather than a group activity of participating in rituals and ceremonies.

Daoists Qi Gong masters were both mystics and scientists. They were monks who studied chemistry, astrology, numerology, and astronomy. They practiced medicine, invented healing diets, prepared elixirs and herbs, and more.

Unlike Buddhists who believed that the body is a hindrance in the path of reaching spiritual enlightenment or Buddhahood, the Daoists believed that the spirit is intrinsically connected to the body. They emphasized the spiritual and physical equally.

What we understand as “biohacking” today originated in Daoist Qi Gong. The Daoists were methodically and continuously searching and testing for new ways to achieve vitality and longevity.

In fact,

Qi Gong was used in Daoism as a way of attempting physical and spiritual immortality.

The Science-Backed Benefits of Qi Gong

  • Qi Gong has been proven to DELAY and even REVERSE AGING: regular Qi Gong practice over time has been shown to lengthen telomeres. It was even shown to significantly improve telomerase activity in 4 months of practice!

  • Mastery of BREATH & Improved Lung Capacity (hint hint: lung capacity is the #1 predictor for health and longevity. Lung capacity is the most accurate indicator of how long you will live, and guess what? Most of us living modern life we access only 10-20% of our full breathing capacity);

  • Improved POSTURE & Spinal Alignment: our nervous system (brain, spinal chord & nerves) control & coordinate everything in our body and mind, and when nerve energy flows without obstruction, our bodies and minds are 100% self-communicating, self-healing, self-regulating and robust. Any subluxations in the spine compromise our body’s ability to heal itself. Qi Gong balances the pelvic floor (foundation of the spine) and the fascia, releasing muscular pressure on the spine. It also helps move cerebral spinal fluid, detoxifying and nourishing the brain.

  • Boosting Immunity: Studies have shown that Qi Gong had a noticeable impact on immune functioning, increasing levels of certain immune cells in people who practiced it regularly.
  • Improving Circulation & Balance: The practice has been scientifically proven to enhance bone and cardiovascular health and improve balance.
  • Helping the body heal itself. Studies have also shown the effectiveness of the practice in improving the wellbeing of those with cancer, and even treating certain kinds of cancer.

  • Releasing emotional & mental blockages & chronic fatigue: Qi Gong was scientifically shown to reduce physical and mental fatigue. People who practiced Qi Gong for 4 months had better mental functioning and less fatigue than those who didn’t.
  • Reducing depression, and relieving stress: a study has shown that those who practiced qigong experience less anxiety and better moods than those who don’t.


I’m a guide, healer & Reiki master, life coach, qi gong, and mindfulness instructor. I’ve worked with individuals, corporate, not-for-profits, schools, and more. And I’ve guided hundreds of people, helping them learn the art of true internal liberation and expansion.

I believe that knowing our authentic selves and shaking off the debris of past pain and blockages will transform our internal universe and how we show up in the world.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been moved by this passion to take a journey of self-actualization. I’ve delved deep into the ancient Eastern art of flowing energy (qi-gong), learning from masters around the world and working deeply with 4 different Qigong healing lineages, and transforming my health, vitality, and wellbeing. I’ve also immersed myself in the wisdom of the 3000-year-old Western lineage of King Salomon.

On this venture, I saw that there is a growing community of people of all ages who are on the path of healing themselves and being in service, compassion, and empowerment. On this journey, I connected with my purpose: to help people come into their truth, make the breakthroughs they want for themselves, and be in a state of continuous service.